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We are Gold Class Certified for Auto-Body repairs! Our team is experienced and our work is professional. You can trust Ricky’s Collision Care Center. Ricky’s Collision Care Center is a family owned business.

We work with top insurance companies and handle all of the details for prompt and accurate settlement of your insurance claims.

All our craftsmanship and materials are fully guaranteed. We’ve kept current with the latest technology through I-CAR Training and ASE Certification. We have continually learned and updated our skills to restore your car to its pre-accident condition, and manufacturer’s specifications, for your safety.

We strive to achieve this without unnecessary complications and we do it cooperatively with your insurance company.

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Top Quality Products & Services

Top Quality Products & Services

Top Quality Products & Services

Ricky’s Collision Care Center

Just imagine: you’ve bought the car of your dreams, and then the unthinkable happens: you’re involved in an accident. Your car is almost totaled. What do you do now? How do you find the best place to take your car for repairs? Who can you trust with your wheels?

The best answer we came up with is to choose the shop with the best reputation, a shop that takes pride in its work. We found it at Ricky’s Collision Car Care Center on Shallowford Road in East Cobb. Ricky is a member of the Rodriguez family, a unique family. Ricky Rodriguez Sr. And his wife Alicia came to America from Uruguay in 1974, with nothing more than hopes and dreams, dreams of a better life for their family.

On his arrival in the U.S., Rodriguez trained under Hans Vorphal, a factory-trained Mercedes-Benz technician from Stuttgart, Germany. The training Rodriguez Received gave him a jump on starting his own place, Ricky’s Mercedes Service Center in 1994, specializing in Mercedes, but working on other cars as well. With only $2,000 to start his business, he was one of the first Americans trained by a Mercedes technician and he learned the ins and outs of his trade, passing along great savings to customers and ultimately spinning his family into their destiny.

Today, Ricky’s businesses are growing; his two sons and daughter are loyal to the family empire. With three businesses thriving, it’s a perfect fit for the Rodriguez family. Ricky Jr. runs Ricky’s Collision Car Care Center, focusing on all kinds of body shop repairs on all makes, from Acura to Volkswagen. He is also specially trained to work on Mercedes with the Celette Sevenne, a dedicated fixture system similar to the ones used to build aircraft, that scientifically calculates where each part of the car should fit together, ensuring that the car will be stable and positioned correctly during the repair process. Ricky Sr.’s other son, Danny, works in the Mercedes Service Center, exclusively on Mercedes, giving customers the products an services needed for all makes and models of Mercedes at more competitive rates than most. Ricky Sr.’s daughter Joanna works at Ricky’s Auto Sales, helping customers find the perfect pre-owned Mercedes for them.

We are Gold Class Certified for Auto-Body repairs! Our team is experienced and our work is professional. You can trust Ricky’s Collision Care Center.

When asked what he enjoyed most about his work, Ricky Jr. noted it was “the ability to take something that has been destroyed and putting it back together.” With such pride for his work, it is no wonder he is able to take vehicles that look like destroyed and bring them back to live. “It’s about making the customer happy,” Ricky says. It seems as though the entire family has the same idea.

Why we do what we do: “We enjoy seeing the transformation of a wrecked automobile or truck, and seeing it put back together, like new. The ability to take something that has been destroyed and put it back together makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. We are able to take a wrecked vehicle and bring it back to life! When we see your car or truck put back together and looking like new, we are just as happy as you are! At Ricky’s Collision Care Center, we take pride in our work. It’s all about making the customer happy! ” Said the owner of Ricky’s Collision Care Center.

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